Are you ready to teach healthy habits?

Does your child struggle with self esteem?

Do you want to pull out the full potential in your young one?

If you are ready to build happy, healthy, and confident children

The best part is it's absolutely free!

Our mission is to help parents build happy, healthy, confident children by providing a fun and engaging environment where kids can learn about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

The Clean Paws Squad Benefits

We will teach your children

  1. Good health habits, like teeth brushing and other habits that will help them establish life-long health habits 
  2. Self-esteem, conflict management, anti-bullying 
  3. Respect for others and so much more.

What your child will receive

  • A bimothly newsletter with exciting and fun topics and activities 
  • A special birthday greeting
  • More surprises
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Meet the Team!

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Ginger, the Clean Paws Dog is the ambassador of the Clean Paws Squad.  She loves the children and will even sometimes use her special gift, talking, to help Dr Sandi teach. Yes, Ginger can speak and it’s not just “Ruff”! She also loves treats and belly rubs!!

Dr. Sandi Tizer

Dr Sandi Tizer RN DNP uses her Nursing and Doctorate in Nursing Practice degrees to serves as the head teacher of the Clean Paws Squad.  Because of her love for children, she “wants to see them SOAR” she says.  She offers her over 32 years of nursing as the base to teach health, wellness, and self-esteem to the members of the Clean Paws Squad in a fun way. 

Captain Courageous

Introducing Captain Courageous and his side kick, Ginger the Clean Paws Dog. Fighting bullying and low-self esteem using the power of the 3-S affirmations: I am STRONG, I am SMART, and I am SAFE. Captain Courageous and his red shield sets out to let children everywhere know “you CAN do anything if you BELIEVE!”

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